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My Hand and the Canon XSI

I just took this picture with my new Canon XSI DSLR.  I really like it.  Even though I’m going to have to buy all new lenses, I think this picture, which was shot freehand with my left hand hanging in the air, makes it all worth it.

Geet asked me what inspired me to switch to Canon after my devotion to Nikon and coveting of his D90.  I was intrigued by the D90 and other Nikon offerings, but I preferred to stay in the $500 camera territory (D90 bodies start around $700 used).  True, I would not have had to buy new lenses, but my current lens situation isn’t really to die for (kit lens, 55-200mm VR lens, and 50mm 1.4 manual focus prime lens).  I’ve had the most fun with the prime lens, and I’ll probably spend some real money this time on a Canon version with auto-focus.

The real selling points for me for the Canon XSI over the Nikon D40x were the following:

  • Auto-exposure bracketing (for HDR mainly)
  • Shot Rate: 3.5 fps vs. the D40x 3fps.  Minor, but still better.
  • Image stabilization in the kit lens (a bit gimmicky since it’s a low focal length, but still nice)
  • Automatic Sensor cleaning (D40x doesn’t have it)
  • More stuff in the viewfinder, like ISO settings.
  • Better menu, more features to configure
  • Larger screen (I usually use the viewfinder though)
  • Live View (very minor advantage, see previous comment).  It will be nice when I’m taking a picture away from my face.
  • Weight with the kit lens seems lighter than the D40x (I could be imagining things)
  • Auto-focus metering is better, and the up-close performance is better
  • Low-light performance seems to be better at ISO 800, but there are so many factors here that it could just be settings away.

The cons exist though:

  • The D40x has configurable hardware buttons, which is cool.  I don’t see this on the Canon
  • None of my filters will fit the funky 58mm format!  I have quite a few :(
  • The SD card slot door isn’t spring loaded – the Nikon’s is.  Very very minor.
  • After taking a picture or a set of them, it shows on the screen, but you have to hit the play button to activate review mode before hitting a directional button.  On the Nikon, if you hit a directional button when a picture is showing, you’re magically in review mode.
  • The sound!  The squeaky nasty gear-driven shutter sound is rather awful, while the mechanical-sounding Nikon shutter sound is totally awesome.
  • The feel of the adjustment wheel is better on the Nikon.  It seems cheaper on the Canon.
  • Deleting pictures on the camera is more cumbersome.

Overall, I’m still happy.