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Fill an LVM volume group completely with a single logical volume

I learned a cool LVM trick today – how to resize a logical volume to use a certain percentage of a volume group. ┬áSince I just have one logical volume in the group, I did the following:

[root@nyu ~]# lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/diclonius/vector
  Extending logical volume vector to 7.28 TiB
  Logical volume vector successfully resized

Thanks Redhat Documentation!

In other news, I ran a performance test on my 5-drive RAID-5 using HD204UI drives from Samsung:

[root@nyu tmp]# dd if=/dev/zero of=foo count=5 bs=$((1024*1024*1024))
5+0 records in
5+0 records out
5368709120 bytes (5.4 GB) copied, 18.1434 s, 296 MB/s
[root@nyu tmp]# dd if=foo of=/dev/null                         
10485760+0 records in
10485760+0 records out
5368709120 bytes (5.4 GB) copied, 15.2682 s, 352 MB/s

So, 350MB/sec reads and 296MB/sec writes! Not bad!!