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Reading compressed files with postgres using named pipes

Postgres has the same type of ability MySQL has to read in files, yet much nicer syntax. LOAD DATA INFILE from MySQL is just COPY in postgres. I decided to try having it read from a named pipe today, and it worked out nicely.
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OSCON 2008 Tutorials: A perspective

I’ve been at OSCON 2008, and I’ve been keeping pretty good notes on the tutorials I’ve attended. GitHub has a great feature if you take notes in rdoc, making nice HTML when it’s viewed online. Here’s some links to my notes:

Pro PostgreSQL

This talk was alright, but it wasn’t really tailored for people who hadn’t used Postgres extensively. Yet, I’m sure the notes will come in handy in the future.

Introduction to Django

This was an awesome talk. He went through designing an actual working application using Django. It turns out to be incredibly easy to quickly create a really cool application. I need to research this because it looks to me to be better than Rails.

Ubiquitous Multithreading

This talk was alright if you wanted to get an idea about the challenges of multi-threading and how Intel’s TBB solves some of them. It was interesting, and I learned a few things, but it would have been a better session than a tutorial (LONG!)