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Pocket Theramin: Project Complete!

I finally finished my second real electronic project: The Pocket Theramin. I made a few changes/improvements to the design found here, and I really like my result. The basic circuit is exactly the same, but I added an LED and a toggle switch so I can keep it together as one unit all the time.

Also, I discovered that MAKE: Electronics is an awesome book. I highly recommend purchasing yourself a copy.


Putting Music from Amarok 2 on the iPod Touch

In case I ever forget this again, I’m posting these instructions here.  It’s actually really easy.

  • Install OpenSSH from Cydia
  • Mount the iPod’s filesystem: mkdir -p ~/touch && sshfs -o allow_other root@ ~/touch/
  • Then, in Amarok 2, go to the collection browser, and find all the songs that match your criteria (I use ratings):

  • Highlight them and right-click drag them into the Dolphin/Nautilus window showing the directory ~/touch/private/var/mobile/Media/Music/
  • You may have to create the above directory.
  • When you drop them, choose Copy. Then, wait, and they’ll all copy over the wireless to the device. It’s awesome.
  • Get PwnPlayer from Cydia and enjoy!

Importing MySQL 1.4 Amarok data into Amarok 2.2 Nightly

I was having a bunch of trouble today importing my old MySQL amarok database into the new nightly version of amarok I installed.  The Amarok Wiki had a great section on how to convert a MySQL Amarok collection into an SQLlite one.  This was the key to importing my old 1.4 collection into the new 2.2 nightly version of Amarok.

Classical Rickrolling

Sometimes, I want to hear classical music, but it helps if I can relate to the music being played and really get into it (see: John Williams). Walt Ribeiro recently has awoken me to some awesome arrangements like Pork and Beans and The RickRoll Song that he has produced. You should buy them here if you like them, as I did. Here are some nice samples:

Actually, truth be told, I bought Pork and Beans, and Walt was cool enough to notice and send me Never Gonna Give You Up for free! Please spend money on him!