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MintyBoost XL: Almost Finished!

Well, I finally drilled my PCB for my MintyBoost XL last night, and it was a great success. If you need PCB drill bits, order them from stevie66 on ebay. I got various sizes from 50 to 85, but I found the 65 to be the most useful. I used it to drill all but the largest holes on the board.
Once that was done, I soldered it all together. It came out very nicely. I struggled the most with the mint tin!
I hooked it up and tested the input: about 2.3v. Then, I carefully tested the USB output power pins: 5.03V! This thing works beautifully.
I found an issue with my implementation of this project, though. The LT1303 IC doesn’t support current above 200mA, so my phone rejects the charge after about 5 seconds. I found out you can request samples directly from Linear, so I’ll be trying out a 1302, and perhaps redesigning the board to use a newer generation chip I’m sampling from Linear Technology.

Overall, this is great for the intermediate electronics nerd who wants to take a circuit from board layout in Eagle to working semi-professional product! I had a lot of fun doing it, and making small modifications will be even more fun.