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Moving the mouse with Python

I’ve been using KDE4 in Ubuntu, and I really like it – it’s slick, has everything I need, and it all seems to gel together pretty well. Yet, the power management is really starting to make me angry. I’ve turned all of it off, checked ps and other tools for any signs that it’s still running, and despite my efforts, my screens still turn black after 10 minutes unless mplayer is running. So, I decided to fix that using Python, which actually turns out to be pretty nifty. I got the original idea from here, and modified it to loop a bit. Here’s the result:

[gist id=454364]

This moves the mouse around just a tiny bit, and works well enough to watch flash video for extended periods of time. To kill it, just hit Ctrl-c. Thanks, Python!

GitHub Widget for WordPress

For all you coders out there wanting to show off all those forked repositories, the github-widget is for you.

There are a few ways to install.

  1. Download from here.  The most recent stable release will be available.  As of this writing, it’s REL-1.3.
  2. Clone the git repository: git clone git://github.com/hank/github-widget.git
  3. Get it through WordPress (Work in Progress)

If you use one of the first 2 methods, just drop the resultant directory into wp-content/plugins/.

Using any of the three methods, after you have it installed, go to the Admin panel, Plugins -> Installed.  Then, activate the plugin.  Then, go to Appearance -> Widgets.  Put it into a sidebar, and go look at the results.

Please report any errors or problems as a comment to this post.

UPDATE: I just found out that my minimal searching for ‘Github’ in the plugins area, which found no results when I tried it, was insufficient.  I should have used Google.  Oh, well – at least I know how a widget works now!