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Kopete Chat Window History is annoying

I’ve been using Kopete on my quest to convert to KDE, and I’ve been extremely annoyed by previous conversions showing up in my chat windows. The option to disable it didn’t seem to be anywhere, but I found a forum post that pointed me to the Plugins section of the configuration.

Kopete Annoyance

Just disable the plugin entirely or open it and mess with the configuration. Things like that shouldn’t be on by default, along with chat window tabs (when did this become common?) and annoying buttons for fonts and emoticons. But, maybe I’m more minimalistic than many.

Greasemonkey Script to get Jabber Room for Google Group Chat

So, today I was invited to Google Group chat for the first time. This would be really cool on a terminal that’s not equipped with an IM client, since it’s all done through the web with flash and magic. But, since I don’t like having 2 IM clients running at the same time (Pidgin and the Flash one from Google), I decided I needed to rip out the Jabber Group Chat Room name from the invite page. I got some tips from this site, and wrote a Greasemonkey script to do so.


All you have to do is copy the room name into the Join Chat window, and put in groupchat.google.com as the server.  I hope you find it useful.  If anyone knows how to make this a link that GNOME will throw at Pidgin, let me know.  That would be awesome.

Get the Script