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Thoughts on Zecco

So, Zecco works OK, but there could be some major improvements to it.

1. Stock quotes in different tabs interfere with eachother. You’ll be reading about ADBE in one tab, and click to change the stock chart, and all of a sudden you’ll be looking at the chart for MSFT but it will still say ADBE at the top! This is really horrid, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to switch because of it.
2. The charting settings don’t seem to be saveable. I never want to see “Mountain” charts, only Candlesticks. I have to change this every single time. There’s a seperate popup window chart, but I hate popup windows.
3. The margin rates aren’t great – 7.5% for the amount I need. TradeKing is a full 1% less.
4. They don’t show your total daily percentage or dollar change in the positions pane – just the total gain in dollars and percent. I want the change for today! Scottrade had this and it was color coded too! This is not a hard feature to implement!
5. Their streaming quotes thing is pretty crappy – like, worse than Scottrade’s Java thing. And if I want the good one, I have to pay money. Lame!
6. They have a maximum character limit of 16 on password.  What possible reason is there for this?
7. Extremely slow transfers into the account. My request was processed the 20th, and it won’t be cleared until the 29th. Scottrade was instant! They would credit your account before the funds cleared once they verified your balance with your bank – it was awesome.

So, I think I might start the transfer process today.