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TradeKing forces users to click their password so others can read it.

After learning about Zecco’s margin rates, I set out to find a brokerage with a very low margin rate, as this represents more of my cost than commissions.  Most traders will be different.  TradeKing seems to have a very low rate, and their commissions are very competitive with Zecco.  Yet the first thing I encountered when signing up for an account was the “ultra-secure” password entry:

Not only is this extremely insecure because of shoulder surfing, but it’s a problem for the blind.  Yet, TradeKing’s CEO seems to think this is OK as long as it stops some fraud due to keyloggers.  I can see their point, but anyone with a halfway secure password is going to shorten it to something reasonable to click, which makes the entire idea less secure than just allowing people to type.  And it’s your own fault if you get keylogged – if you’re worried about security, get virus protection and stop going to porn sites.  If you’re really worried, don’t use Windows.  The article discusses all the questions, but I’m very unhappy I can’t request to have this turned off unless I call customer service and say I have a disability.