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Creating Beautiful Panoramas Easily in Linux

Recently, I’ve gotten pretty into photography.  I bought a digital SLR, a Nikon D40X, which I love.  I also went to Germany recently, which gave me many opportunities to take some really pretty pictures.  Many times, I couldn’t capture the scene in just one picture, so I had to take some panoramas.  I generally do my panoramas vertically so I can capture a larger amount of vertical area.  This requires more shots, but memory it cheap, and I don’t have to end up cropping parts I want to keep.  I’m going to guide you through making a seamless panorama using only free and open-source software in Linux, specifically Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. 
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Using fahmon to watch your computer fold

I found a neat little app today: FahMon. You can use to monitor any Folding@Home process, including the GPU ones you run with wine!


The PPD column shows that my SuperClocked GTS8800 from EVGA destroys the combined efforts of my Core 2 Duo, which is overclocked to over 3 Ghz, by more than ten-fold. Amazing.