NamecoinToBind Setup with Debian

I finally got NamecoinToBind working with bind in Debian. If you don’t know what Namecoin is, check this out (it’s pretty nerdy, so be prepared). I ran into some snags with network configuration, specifically when static-ing the IP of my DNS server. So far, I’ve registered one domain in namecoin, erik.bit. You can see the activity on this record here. If you have a working bind server, you can use NamecoinToBind to periodically create zone files for the .bit TLD. Currently, these zone files can create some issues in bind though, so you have to do the following in your bind configuration:

check-names master ignore;
check-names slave ignore;
check-names response ignore;

This basically allows things like -.bit to work, which is insane:

hank@shelob ~ $ nslookup "\-.bit"
Name:	-.bit