The Smashrun Fusion Mashup: Part 2

So, I finished the first version of my FusionRunner script mentioned in the previous post. Currently, it takes all the runs from Google Fusion Tables and imports them into Smashrun after massaging the data. You can see a list of my “runs” (they’re really walks so far) Click a run to see more details. The following features are currently supported:

  • Caching of Google OAuth tokens/secrets on the filesystem
  • Ability to convert terribly formatted Fusion Table rows from My Tracks into something usable
  • Importing of all runs into Smashrun with tags based on activities

The following features are the next steps:

  • Tracking which runs have already been imported to Smashrun (probably using another Fusion Table!)
  • Contacting Smashrun and asking about including elevation data and maybe map data

I’ve emailed Smashrun, so let’s hope they get back to me. Here’s a current version of the program for your perusal:

[gist id=”1638546″]