FusionRunner: A Google Fusion Tables prototype

The other day, I kinda sorta got excited about running, mainly prompted by a friend telling me about a half-marathon in May. I’ve been needing to find an exercise outlet for a while, and this may be it. Throughout this experiment, I’d like to track my progress with some level of detail, and mapping/distance measurement seems to be a component of this. There are various services for this, like Nike+, and there’s a really neat one called Smashrun that I’d like to use. The only problem is getting data into it, which is either manual entry or through Nike+, which basically requires you to buy their stuff.

A couple days ago, I found out about My Tracks from Google, an Android app that’s free. I installed it, and successfully tracked my walk back to our house. It was amazing. Once you’re done tracking, you can click a couple buttons and export to a couple different Google services, including something I’d never heard of: Google Fusion Tables.

You can access Fusion Tables here. So far, I’ve got it authenticating with OAuth (which is awesome), and doing a select on the first table, which is the export of my walk data. Here’s what the current output looks like:
[gist id=”1638517″]
As you can see, there’s a LOT of data here. The meat for this application is the last line, which when formatted a little nicer, looks like this:

Ruby walk around school

Created by My Tracks on Android.

Total distance: 1.83 km (1.1 mi)
Total time: 30:06
Moving time: 18:41
Average speed: 3.65 km/h (2.3 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 5.88 km/h (3.7 mi/h)
Max speed: 9.00 km/h (5.6 mi/h)
Min elevation: 29 m (96 ft)
Max elevation: 65 m (214 ft)
Elevation gain: 81 m (264 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 1/16/12 7:08 PM
Activity type: walking

Holy crap! That’s a lot of data in one row! And I have all of the geometry data too!? Sweet! Anyway, here’s a little program that dumps this to the screen. Soon, I’ll make it do the required stuff to log into Smashrun and input a new run with the stats filled in (of course, only if the activity is running).
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