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English Instructions for Tomato SIM Cards found in Croatia

tomato signs

With Tomato cheap talk and send SMS messages to all networks in Croatia at the lowest prices simply, without complications and without signing of the contract. What you see, it will be.

practically New Tomato and the number of vouchers can be purchased at retail outlets across the country – in kiosks, shops, supermarkets, post offices, petrol stations.

Tomato SIM Card and Activation

Tomato SIM card is PIN and PUK. During activation, as well as each time you switch your mobile phone, enter PIN number. If you enter the wrong PIN code three times in a row, Tomato SIM card will be blocked. Unblock it by entering the PUK number. If the PUK blocked.

Change PIN

To change your PIN number, enter the following combination: ** 04 * old PIN * new PIN * new PIN #

Note: The PIN number can contain up to eight digits.

Keep your SIM card and PIN / PUK numbers.

After having spent more initial amount of Tomato on your account, you can restore it bonovimaa and e-vouchers in the amount of 20 kn, 50 kn, 100 kn and 200 kn.

Shelf Tomato coupon is 7 days for the vouchers of 20 kuna, 75 days for the vouchers of 50 kuna, 150 days for the vouchers of 100 kn, 225 days for the vouchers of 200 kn.

On each voucher Tomato is 14-digit number needed to activate coupon. Via mobile phone, enter it as follows:

* 103 * 14-digit number 3 (CALL)

Tomato bill can be additional cost and the toll free number 092 99 88 to access the Tomato menu. When you enter a 14-znamekasti number, you can check the new state of their account and Tomato isetka date of its validity.

What I have in my account Tomato?

If you want to check how much money you have Tomato on your account, enter a combination:

* 101 # (CALL)

On-screen mobile appears telegona amount that image in your account.

How I have free minutes and text messages on your account Tomato?

The remaining number belatnih SMS you can find out if you enter the combination * 100 # (CALL)

If you want to know how much you free minutes left, enter the combination * 102 # (CALL)

Where to buy Tomato products? * The Mercator shopping centers, Konzum, Metro Cash & Carry, Emmezete, berries, Interspar Ipercoop