Some stock picks…

Here’s some little stock analyses I did today using QTStalker.


Fibo 50% and upward trendline should help this go up a bit, assuming Android continues to get market share.

Atwood Oceanic

These guys are in a lateral channel between the 61.8 and the 38.2 Fibo lines.  Buying around $25 looks like a win.


This looks good – a bounce off the 38.2 at the same time as a bounce off the uptrend.  Also, the RSI is getting back into buyable territory.


At less than $20, this looks pretty good.  It’s also about to hit long-term support, as well as the 50% Fibo.

TEVA Pharmaceuticals

This company makes a bunch of medication.  And look at that RSI!  It’s also had a perfect bounce off the 38.2 line, and is flirting with the 50% line.  I think this one has a bright long-term future with the mass retirement coming up.


They make coffins.  How can you go wrong in the next 20 years?

Take Two Interactive

These guys make Grand Theft Auto and a bunch of other games.  As more and more adolescents continue to play more and more video games, this stock should soar.  Also, it’s really beaten down right now, just bouncing off of major support, and it’s extremely oversold as indicated by the RSI.  Buy!

YUM Foods

Oh man.  I could go for some KFC right now.  Or maybe some Taco Bell.  Guess what – they’re both owned by one company, Yum Foods!  It’s in an upward channel right now, but currently isn’t a good buy as it’s nearing a peak again.  Wait for it to drop to channel support and buy.