Monthly Archives: March 2010

Roy Chiao is Awesome.

I didn’t realize that Roy Chiao acted in basically every Kung Fu movie ever made.  You might know him (as I did) as Mr. Tanaka in Bloodsport.  He’s the guy that puts Frank Dukes through the awesome training because Frank tried to steal his sword.  I noticed him in Enter the Fat Dragon, and was thinking it was just an effect of all-look-same, but it turned out I was right!  He died over 10 years ago, which is sad.  This guy totally deserves of more mourning.  He also played Lao Che in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!  I totally forgot that role, but Wikipedia helps.  I’m commemorating the 16th of March (his birthday) Roy Chiao Day.  We will celebrate it by watching one of his many films.