Putting Music from Amarok 2 on the iPod Touch

In case I ever forget this again, I’m posting these instructions here.  It’s actually really easy.

  • Install OpenSSH from Cydia
  • Mount the iPod’s filesystem: mkdir -p ~/touch && sshfs -o allow_other root@ ~/touch/
  • Then, in Amarok 2, go to the collection browser, and find all the songs that match your criteria (I use ratings):

  • Highlight them and right-click drag them into the Dolphin/Nautilus window showing the directory ~/touch/private/var/mobile/Media/Music/
  • You may have to create the above directory.
  • When you drop them, choose Copy. Then, wait, and they’ll all copy over the wireless to the device. It’s awesome.
  • Get PwnPlayer from Cydia and enjoy!