My New iRiver IMP-350 CD player

I’m very happy with my new CD player.iRiver IMP-350It came with an older firmware on it, and supposedly the new ones will play OGGs, so I decided to upgrade.

I downloaded version 2.80 of the firmware from here.  I’ve also posted it here just in case.  I found some instructions here to upgrade the firmware, and I’ve reposted them here for posterity:

How to Download the Upgraded Firmware

Make sure the power supply is fully secured during the whole process of Firmware Upgrade. We recommend to use as fully charged batteries and AC Power Supply together for un-interrupted power supply during the Firmware Upgrade.

  1. Download and save the firmware to your hard-drive. Unzip it to find the .HEX file.
  2. Make an Upgrade CD by burning iMP-350.hex onto a blank disc.
  3. Connect iMP-350 to AC adapter.
  4. Insert Upgrade CD into iMP-350.
  5. Press Play Button to permit Power Supply to iMP-350. LCD display will show the iRiver Logo and Loading during the course of firmware upgrading. Blinking display is normal during upgrading. *DO NOT TURN THE MACHINE OFF DURING UPGRADE* *IF NEEDED CHARGE BATTERIES FULLY BEFORE UPGRADE SO THE MACHINE WILL NOT TURN OFF DURING UPGRADE*
  6. After completion, power will shut down automatically.
  7. Remove Upgrade CD from iMP-350.
  8. Insert a music CD and turn it back on.


Overall, it’s a really great player.  I think I’m going to enjoy using it thoroughly!