Rowan LeCompte is awesome

While waking up this Saturday morning, I heard one of the best interviews I’ve ever listened to on NPR.  Rowan LeCompte, a stained glass artist who has contributed greatly to the Washington National Cathedral, is interestingly agnostic.  His explanation of a philosophy of kindness is wonderful.  Have a listen. (Start at 3:55 if you’re short on time)


3 thoughts on “Rowan LeCompte is awesome

  1. Anna

    I heard this interview as I was driving along the coast. It was wonderful.I wanted to listen again and pass it on.

  2. Darryl & Lynn Flattum

    My wife,Lynn and I live in Baldwin Place, a Williamsburg-style subdivision located in Staunton, Va. After visiting this location many times over a few years, we met some folks there that were considering selling their home. There names were: Rowan and Peggy LeCompte. We agreed on a price and bought the home. During the process, we became friends. Rowan showed me pictures of his work and also a pattern of a window he was working on that was 35 feet tall. It was just outstanding work. It was work straigh from his heart. Rowan’s work was just outstanding. He is a wonderful person to know and just talk with. His efforts are and always will be a benefit to many. He has touched my heart like no other. I respect him and his work greatly. May God continue to bless him. Thanks for the interview! It was great to hear his voice again.

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