Using GIMP to remove dastardly lens flare

After purchasing a glorious new Nikon D40X Digital SLR Camera online today, I was inspired to fix up a couple images.

So, I was trying to get rid of the obvious flaw in the following picture, and I found a pretty easy way to do it with GIMP.


Now, I’m no expert at GIMP or anything, but all I did was select the region in question using the lasso, like so:


Then, I used the Colors -> Components -> Channel Mixer tool to bend it to my will (make sure you grow your selection to encompass the whole flare using the Select -> Grow tool):


Notice how in the preview window the blemish isn’t visible?  That’s what you want.  Now, hit OK.


So, now all we have is a little bit of a color/contrast issue.  Let’s fix that up with the Colors -> Color Balance tool:


Now, if you look closely, you can still see just a tiny bit of brightness, but that’s alright with me – it’s much better than the blue crap.  Here’s the end result:


And there you have it: how to remove those annoying lens flares with GIMP.

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