GitHub Widget for WordPress

For all you coders out there wanting to show off all those forked repositories, the github-widget is for you.

There are a few ways to install.

  1. Download from here.  The most recent stable release will be available.  As of this writing, it’s REL-1.3.
  2. Clone the git repository: git clone git://
  3. Get it through WordPress (Work in Progress)

If you use one of the first 2 methods, just drop the resultant directory into wp-content/plugins/.

Using any of the three methods, after you have it installed, go to the Admin panel, Plugins -> Installed.  Then, activate the plugin.  Then, go to Appearance -> Widgets.  Put it into a sidebar, and go look at the results.

Please report any errors or problems as a comment to this post.

UPDATE: I just found out that my minimal searching for ‘Github’ in the plugins area, which found no results when I tried it, was insufficient.  I should have used Google.  Oh, well – at least I know how a widget works now!

7 thoughts on “GitHub Widget for WordPress

  1. Jonathan

    I am ironically using the same Theme as you, iNove, and when i add your Github Widget it breaks drop down menus/pages. However you want to refer to them as.

    I am using 1.3.

  2. Erik Post author

    Dude. Beer Brewing? How can I not help you?! That’s strange that it breaks stuff. Would you mind enabling it for a time on your site so I can see the effects? I currently have a 300px wide sidebar. I have modified the iNove theme intensely though, so maybe I need to add those changes to git. Thanks.

  3. Jonathan

    Hell’s ya beer brewing! I just started actually, but it’s quite fun and I really enjoy it so far. I’ve reenabled the Github Widget, so you should see that there is no recipes drop down for the beer brewing page.

    Side note, i really like what you did with iNove. I have been wanting to make it wider like how you did for yours myself. I’m guessing you had to edit a few of the background pic’s though, because when i tried to stretch it in the css code, it didn’t work out to well.

  4. Jonathan

    Ah, I see what the issue is. When you said “I see you got it to work”, I’m thinking to myself, I did? What changed. I use Firefox, and only Firefox as I use Linux. My wife has a windows machine, and when it’s pulled up in IE the drop down works. So it has something to do with Firefox and only when your widget is added. Firefox in both windows and linux do not have a drop down menu when your widget is active.

    Do you use Firefox? Do you know how to test why this is happening because I don’t, so I am hoping that you do.

    Sure, if you could post your version of the iNove theme, that’d be awesome.

  5. Jonathan

    Using firebug, I found the issue. When the github widget is not active i don’t see the follow issues, but when it is active:

    errors are all from the inove/js/menu.js file. I know this isn’t your theme, but maybe you fixed it and didn’t even know it?

    Line 27
    line 11
    line 203

    I wont post the code as you already have it.

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