Monthly Archives: October 2008

Firefox Minefield Beta is Awesome

So, I tried Firefox Minefield Beta today at the suggestion of Slashdot, and I like it. It’s really speedy compared to even the previous 3.0 versions. Text shadows now work, which is really cool.

SunSpider Benchmark Results

Enabling typing of the Euro symbol in Ubuntu

In today’s troubled world, it’s nice to be able to talk about different currencies. The Euro is one that has gotten very popular lately, and you can actually type the character in Linux. In Ubuntu, you can select a Third-level chooser key to enable foreign characters to be typed. I chose the right ALT key for mine. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Open System -> Preferences -> Keyboard and go to the Layouts Tab.
  2. Click Layout Options
  3. Pull down the Adding the EuroSign to certain keys list, and pick one. I chose the E key.
  4. Now, pull down the Third level choosers list.
  5. Select a key.

Mine looks like so:

Close it, and now you can type the € character at will!