Monthly Archives: September 2008

First Flight into a Bigger World


I flew my first plane today: a T-41. It was an awesome experience, and my flight instructor is awesome. I’m also doing ground school, so I have lots and lots of studying to do. It’s almost like being in school again. except a heck of a lot more fun. PPL here I come!

Classical Rickrolling

Sometimes, I want to hear classical music, but it helps if I can relate to the music being played and really get into it (see: John Williams). Walt Ribeiro recently has awoken me to some awesome arrangements like Pork and Beans and The RickRoll Song that he has produced. You should buy them here if you like them, as I did. Here are some nice samples:

Actually, truth be told, I bought Pork and Beans, and Walt was cool enough to notice and send me Never Gonna Give You Up for free! Please spend money on him!